The truly practical, adaptable and

compassionate, self-directed

approach to heal and to grow


For people who like to take charge of

their health and their healing


Small Scale, Daily Healing is a self-directed healing approach that provides you with self healing tools that are truly...


PRACTICAL - You can do them in seconds, anytime, anywhere, without anyone knowing you are doing them.


ADAPTABLE - You can change them to suit your beliefs and your needs in that moment.


COMPASSIONATE - An approach that accepts you and others, as you are, wherever you are in your life's journey.


Tools developed by a regular person for regular people.


You don’t have to sit cross-legged and say “Om.”

You don’t have to believe in any religious practices.

You don’t have to be into self help or even have healthy habits.


To use these techniques, you don’t have to believe in anything... except that you hold the power to help yourself to heal and to grow as a person.



Deal with Stress & Burnout

​Manage Anxiety & Depression

Heal & Grow as a Person