About Small Scale, Daily Healing


Small Scale, Daily Healing is an innovative healing approach developed by Brenda Piquette, a marketing and communications consultant, writer and self healing facilitator. Brenda is not a therapist or counsellor... just a regular person who wanted truly practical, easy healing tools she could use anytime she needed them.


A few years ago, Brenda, a busy, working mom, wanted some quick and easy tools that she could use to reduce daily stress and to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder). She was also driven to be the best person that she could be... and knew she had a lot of work to do to get there.


Brenda wanted quick and easy techniques that she could use anytime, anywhere, when she needed them. They had to be easy to integrate into her daily activities. 


Brenda had already been using her 4-Step Process for Personal Growth for about 20 years, which greatly helped to improve her personal interactions. But she needed more, much more.


Brenda had already completed all five levels of Healing Touch training and other healing courses. She began to create and to refine her own easy visualizations to help calm, connect and balance her body and her entire being.


After more than 20 years of criticizing her body, she also developed tools to build an attentive and compassionate relationship with her body.


For a period of about four years, Brenda practiced her 4-Step Process for Personal Growth, her visualizations and her tools to build a strong relationship with her body every day, many times a day. The techniques were quick and easy so that she could easily integrate them into her daily activities.


All of those small moments of daily healing added up to big change over time.


It was like walking over the threshold of a huge door at the top of a mountain after climbing many small steps and crossing many small thresholds.


Today, Brenda feels like a new person, calmer, more balanced, more confident, and more connected to her self and to the world around her. Her interactions and relationships with family and friends have improved. She is comfortable with her body and with who she is, as she is.


It's not because of a miracle. It's due to persistence, daily effort and simple strategies that work for regular people with busy lives. 


Brenda created her company, Continual Threshold, to share Small Scale, Daily Healing with other people who are driven to heal and to grow and to cross the threshold at the top of their mountain.



Are you ready to cross some thresholds??


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