Have you ever felt as though your body is failing you in some way?

Do you feel empty inside? Wish you had a stronger connection with your self and with your body?


A good place to start is by building an attentive, compassionate relationship with your BFF—your Body Friend Forever.


Research suggests that showing compassion and empathy and building relationships can help both the giver and the receiver to feel better and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Imagine the impact you can have by being both the giver and the receiver?


Learn how to treat your body like you would your best friend. 


Try these free Small Scale, Daily Healing techniques to build an attentive, compassionate relationship with your BFF:



For additional tools to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your BFF:



Learn about Small Scale, Daily Healing’s two other strategies:


Small Scale, Daily Healing's Strategy #2

Build a Strong Relationship with Your BFF—Your Body Friend Forever

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