Practical Products

to Help You Create Healing Habits


Small Scale, Daily HealingTM involves integrating quick and easy, self-directed healing strategies into your daily activities. But it's not always easy to create new healing habits, so I've designed a few products to help you do just that!


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Use these products to create easy healing habits. 

Many small moments of daily healing and growth that add up to big change over time.

Open Your Heart T-Shirt
$25.00 CAD
"Open Your Heart. Change Your Self. Change Your World." Open Your Heart every day, many times a day, to change your life for the better in every way. Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum and your heart is in the middle of your body. Your Open Heart (the green circles) sits right in the middle of your chest as a constant reminder to yourself and to the people around you to Open Your Heart. 100% Organic Cotton. Made in the U.S. in a union shop. Women's sizes only. Will fit Children and Youth. Small, Medium, Large. Sizes are 1-2 times smaller than normal; if you're normally a Small, you will need Medium. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER; they will shrink. Delivery within Canada only is $12 (or you can pick up if you are around Nanaimo).
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