Practical Products

to Help You Create Healing Habits


Small Scale, Daily HealingTM involves integrating quick and easy, self-directed healing strategies into your daily activities. But it's not always easy to create new healing habits, so I've designed a few products to help you do just that!


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Use these products to create easy healing habits. 

Many small moments of daily healing and growth that add up to big change over time.

Set of 10 Portable Healing Cards
$12.00 CAD
This set of small, portable healing cards allows you to bring 10 of our quickest, easiest techniques with you wherever you go. They are reminders to use our quick healing techniques during your daily routine. These convenient, business-card size reminders are printed on card stock for durability. Put them in your pocket, your bag, your purse, a drawer at work, around the house, wherever you might need them. Set comes in a satin bag and contains 10 business-card size cards, each with one technique, and a 4-page booklet that describes Small Scale, Daily Healing and that provides tips for using the cards. Bags come in many beautiful colours. Ask us for a specific colour and we will do our best to send it to you (depending on availability). Delivery within Canada only is $10 (or you can pick up if you are around Nanaimo).
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