Are you ready to take charge of your

long-term healing and personal growth?


Learn everything you need to know to get started with Small Scale, Daily Healing in an accessible, user-friendly format.


I offer you an approachable, plain English outline of Small Scale, Daily Healing's three self-directed, healing strategies along with step-by-step, illustrated techniques and visualizations.


  • What is Small Scale, Daily Healing?
  • Tips on how to start
  • A description of each healing strategy:

              - A 4-Step Process for Personal Growth

              - Build a Strong Relationship with Your BFF - Body Friend                       Forever

              - Practice Visualizations


  • The Axis Mundi as it relates to spirit and science
  • Chakras and Light Frequencies
  • 10 Visualizations including a description, when to do it, how to do it, step-by-step illustrations and adaptations such as quick versions of the techniques
  • References and Sources including online links you can access from the document


In the Introduction, I relate my struggle with the daily challenges of work and family life as well as with anxiety and depression, and how I arrived at creating my own solution with Small Scale, Daily Healing.


With this ebook, you can start right away to create quick and easy, daily, healing habits. Many quick moments of daily healing and personal growth that will add up to big change over time.


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Never let anyone tell you that you can’t heal or that you can’t change who you are. Change is possible – but it takes patience and perseverance.