The Axis Mundi & Spirit

The axis mundi represents your connection to your self, to your world and to the universe. Everything you create radiates from your axis mundi both within you and outward into the world.


The axis mundi is an ancient spiritual concept that is known in some form within most cultures and religions around the world. 


Axis mundi, which means centre of the world, is a vertical line that represents your connection with your entire body and being and with the world around you. It is your connection to everything above you and everything below you.


The strategies and the techniques in Small Scale, Daily HealingTM help to strengthen your axis mundi, so they strengthen your connection with your self and with your world. 


When our axis mundi is strong, we are balanced and we create and ripple out joy and love within ourselves and into our world.


To strengthen your axis mundi, practice this free Small Scale, Daily Healing visualization every day: