Small Scale, Daily Healing's Three Strategies

To heal and to grow as a person, strengthen your connection with your self and with the people and the world around you.

1.   A 4-Step Process for Personal Growth

      Build a strong connection with the world around you.


2.   Build a Strong Relationship with Your BFF—

      Your Body Friend Forever

      Build an attentive, compassionate relationship with your         body and with your entire being.


3.   Practice Visualizations

      Strengthen your connection with both the world around           you and with your self. 

Small Scale, Daily Healing™ is composed of three self-directed, healing strategies that work by strengthening your connection with your self and with the people and the world around you on all levels—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Adapt the Strategies to Make Them Work for You

Small Scale, Daily Healing is not bound by rules. The tools in each strategy are designed to be adapted. Do whatever feels right for you, whatever you need in each moment. 


Adapt the techniques to fit your lifestyle and your beliefs. Use the language that works for you. If you're logical and skeptical, use scientific language. If you're spiritual, focus on the spiritual elements. If you're religious, add aspects of your faith. 


Click on a Small Scale, Daily Healing strategy below to learn more about it.

Small Scale, Daily Healing is not bound 
connect with your self and with the world around you
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